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Silence is not an innate skill among human beings. Quite the opposite. From time out of mind, our success has depended upon our ability to share everything we know with anyone who might need to know it. On the African savanna, sharing indicated the presence of predators, a sighting of a favoured plant, or the signs of an approaching thunderstorm. The more effectively we shared as individuals, the more successfully the group could prepare for and respond to any challenges. Sharing means survival. The forces of natural selection have favoured sharing, so we find ourselves at the end of a long line of people who simply could not shut up. Blessed are those who share, for their numbers will increase.

Sharing as a species hearkens back to our beginnings, and ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny: we can watch as sharing behaviors emerge in children. From our earliest moments, fresh from the womb, we begin to share ourselves. Babies move their arms and legs in syncopation to mother’s voice, dancing to her soothing tones. The infant freely offers up their internal, inchoate emotional state with smiles and gurgles and cries and screams, and continue sharing for the entire span of our lives.

Ask a small child to share a favoured toy — and prepare yourself for a battle of wills. Ask that same child to share the details of their day, then sit back as a stream-of-consciousness flow of associations, impressions and memories pours forth. We must be taught to share our things, yet must learn restraint when sharing our thoughts. Such is our need to speak our minds, keeping secrets requires almost superhuman reserves of willpower and fortitude.

In the beginning, we share with those most closely related to us: mother and father, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles. As we grow into greater independence, capable of forging our own connections, we share with friends, neighbors, and classmates. By the time we reach adulthood, that circle of sharing extends out to colleagues, acquaintances, and the community.

Ten thousand years ago sharing reached its natural limits at the boundaries of tribal kinship. Five thousand years ago, the walls of the city would have framed our span. Five hundred years ago, we could write our thoughts into a book, send it to the printers, and see ourselves eventually shared throughout the world.

In the age of hyperconnectivity sharing becomes immediate, instantaneous, and universal. Everything we share always goes global, even if it only rarely becomes pervasive. We share ourselves freely, believing our sharing bound by the gravitational forces which have always dragged our thoughts back to earth, but everything has now become weightless photons, and travels without interruption at the speed of light. There is no barrier, anywhere — not even within ourselves.

The hyperconnected leak information, always sharing something. At a minimum we share our presence on the network, this being the first sin that leads to a multitude of transgressions, revelation by derivation: Presence becomes location. Location becomes movement. Movement becomes activity. Activity becomes intent. Everything, from barely anything at all.

Revelation is the common, persistent and continuous condition of the four-and-a-half-billion-and-counting hyperconnected. It is not that there is no privacy anymore; rather, the performance of any act becomes its broadcast, traced out in presence, and, once shared, drawn into a world of meanings attached to our actions. We neither surrendered our privacy nor had it taken away: privacy and connectivity are fundamentally oppositional. Satisfying both simultaneously has proven impossible.

Since we did not give up our privacy, we are not aware that it has vanished, except in those still somewhat rare but increasingly common moments when we become wholly visible to one another. We can generate a peculiar quality of light, where everyone is revealed, all the connections we assumed in innocence casting menacing shadows.

A telephone carrier knows where each of its subscribers are (or at least their mobiles) at every moment. Mobiles, aware of their location, share this information with various services, together with any other relevant information. This sharing expands our awareness. We can know when our friends approach, or a taxicab, or a potential employer. Sifting through this sharing, taking from it the bits most relevant to the present need, reveals the hidden. A recent example: Girls around Me.

Creepy on first sight (an obvious playground for stalkers) the deeper one looks, the more interesting it becomes. Why women? Why not footy fans, car hoons or budgerigar fanciers? Why not Jews? Or skinheads? Or anyone who in any way differs from me enough to present a threat? The shout that once alerted us to a predator on the African savannah has become an message on the screen of our smartphone.

No one need explicitly share themselves in order to be thus captured, qualified, filtered and portrayed. All becomes apparent from connections, associations, movements and activities. Like attracts like, and this reveals more than we would ever willingly provide. Connection is the only light required to reveal absolutely everything.

We find ourselves utterly exposed, sharing everything without hesitation and without volition. We are completely known but do not yet know this. We believe we encompass mystery, that something can be withheld. The space for secrets has grown miniscule, as every act, connected, shared and broadcast globally, tells others more about us than we dare admit to ourselves.

Believing ourselves shy, we nonetheless desire to know the minds of others, longing to learn who to connect with around the topics of importance to us, and who we must avoid in order to preserve ourselves. Threat and opportunity: human drives have changed little in ten thousand years, but now everyone hears our moments of crisis and triumph. These moments act as beacons, allowing us to find one another.


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  1. Been enjoying Your articles Mark ! Thanks
    I too watch these trends of being connected etc…

    I Do know from having a son who just turned 22 yrs
    that he and his generation’s brains are much more operational
    then the older folks due to being weaned on this connected world
    in their development years ~ Their brains have much more connections and ability to understand many levels of information at once.. They are much more WHOLE type of people with depth and feelings, sensitivities rather then all the monkey’s that came before them gumbitizing themselves to things !!

    Like John Hagel talks about we are leaving the push ( force ) to attracting the pull. The attracting is all the younger people have known via the integration of wireless world forming them. I know for me I will be thinking of something and go on line and Poof there is information popping out of a great source of answers to what I was thinking about.. Not really looking for it.. Just seems to magnetically attracted to me via my computer and wireless communication vehicle !

    When a male relative gave my son a gameboy at 2 yrs old in 1992 he took to it like fish to water. I like other parents were concerned when just this little tyke was feverishly working those buttons…Wow I should not let him spend so much time on that but what a excellent babysitter that the eventual Nintendo etc were !! I sat in many discussions over the years with other parents that our son’s were online all the time gaming etc… But now that he is a adult I realize how playing warcraft online with kids all over the world was excellent for cognitive development !

    Same with all the social media. I believe it is good for people as it is letting their internal selves, their real selves deep inside that has the opinions, beliefs, thoughts, questions to “Emerge” from the status quo and all the roles they play in their physical life etc..It is lifting the restrictions off of them as who they can be. A whole huge world is at their doorstep now ! We have not even begun to take advantage of all this wireless communication offers us !

    With this ” Emergence of the organic Person” It turns out (to me) that the ” 2nd life” of the Virtual wireless communication on global Universal level is actually “Our Original Person” not the “2ndlife”.

    The Virtual wireless world is allowing the Emergence of Our Human Essence of Our Being while the physical life ( bio body) which from my science research shows is just the biological step down “house” for this original self, that is formed due to the earth gravity plane is actually the ” 2nd Life “.

    The physical self is the external 2nd life while the original life is who we are inside. The ” Being” that leaves when the bio body dies.. This ” Being” is now allowed to ” Emerge” via this wireless world creating a new womb so to speak that is Universal not stuck on physical earth.

    I have been in whole person preventive health education since 1970 so I know it is good for people to be getting in touch with this deeper real self that is what really runs them ( Deepak Chopra has all the research on this ) . To me the Real Authentic Internal person is being uploaded into the wireless world, proving Ray Kurzweil’s talk to be true…

    The human being has many level of senses to engage with others on. Unfortunately the sound and visual senses have taken over people due to so much coming at them via these 2 very external shallow senses which has created much stagnation in our evolution. Has kept the human at the caveman existence level in many ways.

    The first part of your article you talk about being born and hearing sound etc and getting feedback to who you are via expressing yourself with words and hearing words in return.
    I lost my bio hearing at 3 months due to antibiotic I given in hospital for pneumonia… They did not realize at the time this antibiotic destroyed all the hair follicles in the ear etc… No receptors to hear.

    So I did not engage with life as you say… No one talked to me and I talked to no one !! This is where many other senses we all have deep within us come to forefront. No sound.. my visual goes into many dimensions and is huge… I am seeing the Universe at all times.. I see a huge landscape of world around me, connecting many many dots to get my information of what is going on as No Sound…

    Seeing the electrical fields, the atoms and particles is no brainier as that is all I had to go on for information ~ The pulsations and colors and movements are like the letters in the verbal words stringing together to give me information. Anyone can do what I do if shut themselves off from sound long enough and trust the space around them. Relax into being one with nature… Nature speaks beautifully… Everything alive has a voice and a expression except humans want it to be in verbal words and it is not !

    So this is the plus I see of people being sucked into the wireless world… they are actually in silence when typing or texting etc…
    Silent letters spell Listen. They are listening to selves. Granted finding the happy medium of time management to being on line to being present in the physical with family and others is slippery slope all of us micro managing each day !!!!

    The written word is All I had to get information from all my life and communicate with others.. ( I was before sign language ~ )
    As people write their thoughts and feelings they are actually growing inside becoming more of their authentic self which
    to me equates with more realized people and that is positive !!

    The best thing about FB etc is the BS that so many say in verbal words does not have a life on FB etc..The deceive to believe marketplace of past 50 yr has no legs on FB. Why I have been observing the expansion of growth I see that is naturally emergent switching us out of the top<down linear # world of exclusion to the inclusion of the spatial world of spirals expanding @ as something very positive allowing us all to switch into the next level of living.

    Humans want to connect as that is a mirror. It is a reflective refractive Universe. This hyper connectivity is the needed organic reciprocal dynamics of way nature life works that has been missing in the top<down physical world structure of separateness and walls.

    We are a huge Beings !! No way can another know another just by knowing a few things about them or how they think etc. There is much more depth to the human that is finally starting to Emerge !
    Life is about Joy and suppose to be Fun but we all have been kept in a box of not even really knowing ourselves reacting to things, forcing ourselves to play roles etc…Now that ends and Emergence happens.

    For me personally I wanting to see lot more direction with it as all of us on line now are the early adapters and it is time to create new worlds of communication sources etc. Like this blog you and Robert have and all of us sharing on FB all day in the Nano, Singularity, Genomic World all over the globe in real time needs a new source of expression ! TV show on skype ? For sure science tech needs websites like Huff Post etc… I am feeling very boxed in at this point ~ FB is 8 yrs old already ! Time for new platforms of communication !

    When we move to next level there will be others finding this wireless world of communication. Many are still stuck on cell phones yakking.. They have not found the twitter and facebook yet… I live in retire area of Fl and I am always amazed these old people shopping in stores totally absorbed in talking on their cell phones like teenagers ! It is their best friend and soon the computer and fb will become their new best friend and on and On

    At least there is Hope Now we are Emerging ! Sorry I use so many words but I did not talk to anyone and no one talked to me all my life to develop this type of communication skill of words !

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