Australian Podcast Award WINNERS!!!

Producer Alex Mitchell and I traveled to Melbourne on Saturday to attend the Australian Podcast Awards – because this podcast had been named one of six nominees in the Technology and Science category.

Although chuffed to be nominated, we had no reason to believe we’d win – the list of competitors was solid: 

In Collingwood’s Melba Spiegeltent, we settled in for a long night. Alex and PodcastOne MD Grant Tothill consoled me – there’ll always be next year, and besides, series 2 is better than series 1, so…

Then the presenter opened the envelope, and managed to say, “The Next…”, and Alex and I realised WE’D WON!

It’s absolutely true what they say – despite your best intentions you can’t remember anything when you accept an award you (secretly) very much wanted to win. Your mind goes blank.

By way of thanks we’ve created this special Web-and-socials only episode of The Next Billion Seconds as a thank you to all of you – our listeners.  You made this happen.

Thank you.

Episode 1.05: The Future of Learning with Kate Torney

Pretty much every fact you’ll ever need for any problem you have to solve can now be accessed almost instantly through any smartphone. What does that mean about how we learn? And what about the places where we learn – schools and libraries? If everything is available everywhere, why go anywhere in search of knowledge? State Library of Victoria CEO Kate Torney explores why libraries have a future that remembers the past, yet looks out on a future where access to knowledge in only a part of the story.

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