The Next Billion Gadgets – AUGMENTED REALITIES

VR pioneer Tony Parisi tours CES to discover ‘cybershoes’, RealMAX augmented reality spectacles, Vuze+ 3D cameras — and explores how 5G mobile networks will transform media creation & consumption.

Tony gets excited by the Realmax augmented reality spectacles…

The Next Billion Gadgets – CARS

The Consumer Electronics Show has become a key automotive conference. Automotive journalist Sally Dominguez explores a new generation of connected, autonomous – and helpful – vehicles.

The BYTON M-BYTE is a brand-new vehicle, launched at CES 2019…
Designer Benoit Jacob talks about the 40-plus-inch display forming the entire dashboard.

Happy Holidays!

In Los Angeles, recording some of the interviews we’ll bring you in Series 3 of The Next Billion Seconds, when frequent guest Rob Tercek drew this (freehand, unprompted) on a paper tablecloth at a local Indian restaurant, Electric Karma. 

A drawing by Rob Tercek

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays and a joyous next 31,557,600 seconds.